OpenVia is a pure RMR solution

Every dollar of RMR is worth 15x a dollar of service revenue - so OpenVia is focused exclusively on helping you grow it.
There is no charge for our hardware or set up.

Smartphone access for multifamily & commercial

Gives tenants the ability to access the property through their smartphones, plus create temporary guest passes for friends, family, and delivery drivers.

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OpenVia provides commercial properties with smartphone based entry access and call boxes
OpenVia uses a simple QR code for virtual callbox

Virtual callbox with video - through a QR code.

A video intercom solution that doesn’t require installation of a device at the entryway.  Instead visitors access a property directory on their smartphone by scanning a QR code at the entryway

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Easy to use dashboard
for property managers

All OpenVia property managers receive access to an intuitive dashboard that gives them the ability to monitor access events, grant new access, terminate access, and set permissions.

OpenVia has an easy to use dashboard for property managers
Install a New Entry System in Days - Not Months

OpenVia has minimal
property requirements

Electricfied Access

OpenVia works with any existing electronic access control or gate system. Other than our small retrofit device, there won't be any hardware installations.

2.4 GHz WiFi

OpenVia requires a Reliable 2.4 GHz WiFi available at the gate or access control panel - or add a dedicated LTE connection to your plan

Technologies we work with:

OpenVia works seamlessly with these systems and more

The Most Cost Effective Access Solution

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Modern access solutions that add to your earnings.

No hardware investment

Smartphone Access

Virtual Callbox™