Delivery drivers love Parcel+

Parcel+ provides delivery drivers with a modern entry system to easily drop off packages for your residents or tenants.

A demo video of OpenVia's property manager dashboard

Clear access event log for Property Managers

Every access event by a delivery driver is added to your access event log, giving you complete visibility and control of how, when, and where packages are delivered to your property.

OpenVia can be retrofitted into existing access control

OpenVia integrates into your existing access
or gate system

A proprietary low-voltage retrofit device is provided when you start your subscription. Our retrofit device takes less than 10 minutes to install. The retrofit device is used to actuate the door, elevator, gate, or other electronically-secured area. After our retrofit device is installed, there are no more hardware installations on your property.

Get a New Entry System in Days - Not Months

OpenVia has minimal property requirements

Electricfied Access

OpenVia works with any existing electronic access control or gate system. Other than our small retrofit device, there won't be any hardware installations.

Internet Access

OpenVia requires 2.4gHz WiFi or ethernet connectivity at the gate or access control panel.  If you don't have internet available, simply add our dedicated LTE connection to your plan

We work with any access or gate system and select smart locks

OpenVia works seamlessly with these systems and more

The Most Cost Effective Access Solution

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Modern access solutions that add value to your property

No hardware investment

Smartphone Access

Virtual Callbox™