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Community Boss partners with OpenVia to activate properties on legacy access systems

Community Boss partners with OpenVia to activate properties on legacy access systems

OpenVia announces their partnership with CommunityBoss. This partnership will help properties operating on legacy access control systems be able to adopt CommunityBoss's powerful suite of products and features.

July 20, 2023

OpenVia is excited to announce our integration and partnership with Community Boss, promising a comprehensive solution for time-based control of spaces in multifamily buildings. By integrating Community Boss's software with OpenVia's technology, properties can enhance security and ensure easy access to amenities, all without necessitating hardware replacement.

Community Boss is a unique time-based permit system, that facilitates fair and efficient management of amenities, shared spaces, and guest parking in your community. Residents and guests can effortlessly reserve spaces with time restrictions in place to maintain equitable access.

OpenVia offers a secure and user-friendly access control system for entrances, amenity areas, and garages. We offer a mobile entry solution compatible with your existing hardware setup, regardless of age or brand. By combining Community Boss with OpenVia, properties can strengthen their community's security and rule enforcement.

Here's what you can expect from the combined power of Community Boss+OpenVia:


Our solution is hardware-agnostic, eliminating the need for any new hardware investment. It seamlessly integrates with a variety of existing hardware systems, allowing you to take advantage 

Here are the key features of our solution:

1. Allow access to guests with parking passes to the gates within their permitted timeframe.

2. Enable community members to access amenity doors during their permitted time.

3. Facilitate access for visitors with passes to building doors.

4. Regulate access to major building entrances, gates, garage doors, elevators, and shared spaces like fitness centers and clubhouses.


With Community Boss+OpenVia, we aim to bring your community into the modern era without the burden of expensive hardware upgrades. It's innovation at its finest!

Who can benefit from Community Boss+OpenVia?

Our solution is an ideal choice for those looking to enhance their security but are constrained by the budget for new hardware. While some recently constructed properties boast modern access control systems, the overwhelming majority of properties operate on legacy systems that won’t allow for deep integration with software services like Community Boss. Community Boss paired with OpenVia is especially suited for updating mid-rise and garden-style communities.

“Steep hardware and installation costs prohibit many older garden-style communities from implementing new smart technology,” says Joel DuChesne, Co-founder at Community Boss. “We’re excited to team up with OpenVia to provide affordable, permit-based access control for both parking and amenities. Together, we can help these communities modernize their building and shared space access with minimal investment.”

OpenVia’s team is very excited to partner with Community Boss and looks forward to activating properties together. Read more about our partnership in the official press release


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