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Using gate codes for package deliveries? It might not be enough
Package Deliveries

Using gate codes for package deliveries? It might not be enough

Learn the shortcomings of the common practice of distributing door or gate codes to package delivery drivers, as well as a method to resolve the issue using Parcel+ from OpenVia

Patrick Campbell
July 19, 2023

With the remarkable increase in online shopping, the sheer volume of package deliveries in multifamily properties has soared, presenting unique security challenges. Traditional methods like providing access codes to delivery drivers have long been the norm for getting delivery drivers onto the property. However, these methods might not be sufficient in meeting the increased demand and ensuring the security of your properties. This is where innovative solutions like Parcel+ from OpenVia can greatly help in overcoming these challenges.

The Problem with Access Codes

Let's delve into why access codes are becoming less and less reliable as a security measure. Access codes work on the principle of shared trust and accountability; however, they bear several inherent vulnerabilities. 

1. Security Risks:

Once an access code is shared, control over its distribution is lost. It can be further distributed, either intentionally or accidentally, compromising the security of your property. 

2. Lack of Accountability:

It becomes challenging to track who used the code and when - creating a potential lack of accountability if something goes wrong.

3. Constant Updating:

Codes often need to be changed to maintain security, which requires communication with all relevant parties—this is a time-consuming process and can result in missed deliveries if not managed correctly.

4. Inability to account for fill-in drivers:

While many properties have had luck with distributing access codes to delivery drivers who deliver to their property as part of their normal route.  However, in recent years properties have seen a marked increase in the number of deliveries made by third-party courier services, contractors, or fill-in drivers for the original delivery service - making it practically impossible for a property to distribute this code to all the delivery drivers who may service the property.

The Parcel+ Solution

OpenVia's Parcel+ presents a ground-breaking alternative that leverages cutting-edge technology to ensure that only authorized delivery personnel gain access to deliver packages on your properties. How does it work? It's pretty ingenious, actually. The delivery person takes a picture of the shipping label, which then gets analyzed and verified through our state-of-the-art computer vision technology and integration with the shipper’s tracking systems. 

1. Enhanced Security:

By implementing the Parcel+ system, you add an extra layer of security. Instead of relying on easily distributable access codes, access is granted based on the legitimacy of the package meant for delivery that day. The system checks the shipping label against the data from our integrations with delivery carriers like UPS, USPS, FedEx, and Amazon.

2. Improved Efficiency:

Parcel+ offers an efficient method of access that considers the number and frequency of deliveries, easing potential congestion at delivery points. This system is designed to handle high-volume deliveries, making it a perfect solution for multifamily properties.

3. Real-time Access Logs:

With Parcel+, you can track access events associated with package deliveries in real-time, enhancing accountability. The software records the delivery information, including time, date, and tracking number. This information can be crucial for resolving any delivery disputes or compliance with property policies, including the use of package lockers.

4. Ease of Use:

Parcel+ is designed to be user-friendly. Delivery personnel simply snap a photo of the shipping label. The system does the rest, validating the information on the label and granting access.

5. Easy Adoption:

The Parcel+ system can be easily installed on top of your existing access control or gate system, adding its capabilities without necessitating a complete system overhaul. Most properties can be live in a matter of days, not months!

Future-proof Your Deliveries with Parcel+

It's time to move away from the traditional, less secure access codes and embrace the advanced capabilities of Parcel+. With package delivery volume constantly on the rise, this system provides an innovative solution that improves the security, efficiency, and accountability of package deliveries in multifamily properties.

Parcel+ not only protects your property but also ensures the smooth operation of deliveries, contributing to higher resident satisfaction. By adopting the Parcel+ system, you are embracing a safer, smarter, and more streamlined method of managing deliveries, future-proofing your property management approach in an increasingly digital and delivery-heavy era.

OpenVia is committed to bringing you the most advanced, user-friendly, and effective delivery solutions for your multifamily properties. Take the leap into the future of package deliveries with Parcel+, book a meeting with us today to learn what we can do for your property!

Patrick Campbell

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