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How to Choose an Apartment Call Box System

How to Choose an Apartment Call Box System

Many apartment call box systems require expensive hardware and lack modern features. An app-based call box offers a better solution that doesn’t break the bank.

Laura Flowers
February 23, 2023

When looking for the best apartment call box system for your property, the two main features you need are security and ease-of-access. That said, many systems on the market require significant investments in hardware with outdated features.

Fortunately, technology has opened the door for wireless call box systems that don’t require you to purchase expensive hardware. Modern systems like these provide safe and convenient access for tenants and visitors alike. Let’s take a look at how modern apartment call box systems work and how to choose the best one for your property.

What Are Apartment Call Box Systems?

Apartment call box systems are devices that allow residents and visitors to access a building. They’re used by commercial and residential properties alike to allow property access while maintaining security.

While many apartment call box systems rely on hardware like intercoms, keypads, and door strikes, modern systems are cloud-based systems that work via a mobile app. This eliminates the need for expensive installations and makes it easier for tenants to use.

How to Choose the Best Apartment Call Box System

The best apartment call box systems are app-based systems that are both secure and easy to use. While many systems on the market are hardware-heavy and require a large up-front cost, a virtual call box works with existing hardware and a mobile app. Here’s what property managers should look for when choosing:

App-Based Access

The rise of smartphones has fundamentally changed the way our society works. Smartphone apps can make many everyday tasks more convenient, including apartment access. An app-based apartment call box system, like OpenVia’s Virtual Callbox, makes it fast and easy for residents to grant themselves and their visitors entry.

Instead of keeping up with gate codes or dealing with cumbersome intercom systems, residents use a mobile app to manage entries. Visitors can scan a QR code upon entry, search for a resident’s name, and make a video call. Once a resident answers the call, they can press a button to let their guests into the building. Not only does this eliminate any headaches for property managers, but it also provides residents with a better apartment experience.

Low Upfront Cost

Most hardware-focused call box systems require up-front costs in the tens of thousands. Not only is the hardware expensive, but lifetime warranties, hidden fees, and subscription costs can eat into your property’s net operating income (NOI).

Cloud-based systems don’t require new hardware, and a solution like OpenVia’s Virtual Callbox has no hidden fees. You’re only charged monthly per unit, allowing you to maximize your NOI with a better solution.

Retrofit Devices

Maybe your property already has an old hard-wired system and you’re looking to upgrade to something more user-friendly. App-based apartment call box systems, like OpenVia’s Virtual Callbox, work with any existing electronic access control or gate systems. 

Instead, a low-voltage retrofit device that connects to WiFi is provided at no cost, and installation takes less than ten minutes. Property managers can install included signage to the entryway. No more replacing key fobs or sending out new door codes!

Secure Entry

A property manager’s top priority is ensuring the safety of your residents and your buildings. Often keypad entry or other outdated access systems have vulnerabilities. One of the most common examples is door codes being shared and not updated frequently.

App-based apartment call box systems are simple and secure. Residents can vet guests via video calls and ensure that access is only given to people they trust. If a security issue arises, Virtual Callbox keeps a record of the time, date, location, and tenant’s name for each entry. 

Remote Access for Delivery Personnel

With the rise of e-commerce, residents are receiving more deliveries than ever. As a multifamily property manager, accommodating grocery, food, and other deliveries can be a headache for both you and your residents. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be.

Leveraging a wireless system like OpenVia’s Virtual Callbox  ensures a frictionless experience for managers, tenants, and delivery drivers alike. Instead of worrying about gate codes, delivery drivers can connect with tenants through a video call on their phone. This allows for seamless deliveries while still ensuring building security.


Tools like Virtual Callbox make life easy for you and your residents. Schedule a demo with our team to learn more!

Laura Flowers

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