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Retrofitting Gate Entry Systems: Cost Saving Ways to Boost Security
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Retrofitting Gate Entry Systems: Cost Saving Ways to Boost Security

Discover Cost-Saving Security with Gate Entry Retrofits: This blog post illuminates the benefits of retrofitting gate entry systems for improved security and convenience. Learn how this cost-effective solution can enhance access control, streamline installation, and promote a frictionless experience for both residents and authorized guests using wireless technology.

Laura Flowers
June 4, 2023

Whether looking to enhance security or upgrade amenities, property managers are always looking for ways to improve their buildings for tenants. Retrofitting gate entry systems allows property managers to make improvements to the property without breaking the bank. 

By retrofitting wireless devices onto existing gate entry systems, properties can improve security while offering more convenient access control for tenants and guests alike. In this blog, we'll walk you through the benefits of retrofitting a gate entry system, from cost savings and easy installation to remote access management and improved security for your residents.

Benefits of Retrofitting a Gate Entry System

Cost Savings

Most property managers are extremely budget conscious. Managing a tight budget usually means you have to avoid upgrading to new high-tech solutions. Fortunately, that isn’t the case when it comes to gate entry systems. 

Unlike expensive hardwired gate entry systems that cost tens of thousands of dollars, a retrofit solution is a fraction of the price. By retrofitting a gate entry system, property managers avoid hardware purchases, installation costs, and ongoing maintenance fees.

OpenVia’s retrofit gate entry system is a fraction of the cost of traditional systems. Properties are only charged a low monthly cost per unit. Not only is retrofitting less expensive, but you’re able to offer a more robust access control solution for your residents and guests.

Easy Installation

When you purchase a new solution, you’re ready to start using it immediately. Hardwired gate entry systems and even modern video call boxes, require technicians to spend hours or even days on installation. Fortunately, retrofitting gate entry systems with a solution like OpenVia only takes about 10 minutes for installation.

You or your maintenance team can easily install the proprietary low-voltage retrofit device that connects to WiFi to actuate the gate. Professional installation is available through OpenVia if needed. Once signage is installed, residents and guests are ready to use the system. Residents will download the OpenVia app on their smartphone, and guests can simply scan the QR code on the sign to start a video call with the tenant. Compared to other systems, retrofit gate entry systems are a breeze!

Remote Access Management

Retrofitting involves the elimination of outdated gate codes and cumbersome intercom systems, making way for wireless gate systems. These innovative systems, like OpenVia, empower residents to conveniently manage entry for themselves and their visitors through a user-friendly mobile app. 

With this technology at their fingertips, residents can enjoy the perks of remote access management, granting entry to delivery drivers or welcoming friends and family via video calls from anywhere, at any time. By adopting wireless gate systems, property managers can ensure the security of their community while enhancing the overall convenience and experience for residents.

Security for Your Residents

A property manager's main concern is always the safety of both tenants and the property. Retrofit gate entry systems provide a solution that's simple to use while also being secure. Though outdated gate entry systems have their vulnerabilities, a retrofit, wireless systems allows you to overcome these challenges and provide a more advanced solution for your community.

With wireless technology, residents and authorized individuals can conveniently manage entry through a mobile app, eliminating the need for physical keys or memorizing access codes. This not only enhances the security of your property but also minimizes the risk of unauthorized access.

By retrofitting your existing access control system with a wireless gate entry solution, you can enhance security, streamline access management, and provide a frictionless experience for both residents and authorized guests

Retrofitting Your Gate Entry System

Looking to upgrade your gate entry system without paying a premium? Retrofitting may be the best option for your property! Consider scheduling a quick consultation with the OpenVia team. We'll assess your needs, consider your budget, and present you with a cost-effective solution that your team, tenants, and guests will love.

Schedule a demo with us, or learn more about our products today! 

Laura Flowers

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