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The Best Gate Entry System for Your Property
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The Best Gate Entry System for Your Property

Learn about manual or automatic gates, keypad/keycard gates, and wireless gate systems like OpenVia.

Laura Flowers
April 13, 2023

Whether you manage a commercial or residential property, you know how important it is to have a secure gate entry system for your tenants and guests. The right system can make a world of difference in both the safety of your property and the ease of access for your tenants. 

With so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to decide which entry system is the best fit for your property. In this blog, we’ll walk you through different types of systems and the key features to look for when making your decision.

Types of Gate Entry Systems

Gate entry systems come in a variety of forms, each with its own unique set of features. Typically the gates themselves are either swinging arm gate openers or sliding gate openers. They both require a power supply, as they run on motors. If  you’re purchasing a new gate, be sure to factor anywhere from $4,000 to $20,000 into your budget.

When we talk about gate entry systems, we’re talking about the solutions or tools to operate the gate. Property managers have many options to choose from when deciding which type of gate entry system to install at their properties. Some of the most common types of gate entry systems include:

Manual or Automatic Gates: These gates are controlled by an operator, such as a security guard or property manager. While they are a basic form of access control, they’re not convenient for you or your tenants. Not only must you have someone on site to operate the gate, but this often causes backups at the gate during peak hours.

Keypad/Keycard Gates: These gate systems use keypads, “clickers,” or key fobs to provide access. They’re a popular choice, because they offer moderate security and don't require an on-site attendant. However, they can be costly and pose security issues since entry codes are often shared with visitors.

Wireless Gate Systems: These are the most modern and cost-effective solutions on the market. With a wireless gate system like OpenVia, residents and visitors can open gates with their smartphones. These systems offer enhanced convenience and accessibility while maintaining high levels of security.

Key Features to Look for in a Gate Entry System

When it comes to selecting the ideal apartment gate system, property managers should prioritize both security and convenience. Rather than opting for hardware-heavy systems that require a considerable upfront investment, a wireless gate system is the perfect solution. These systems integrate seamlessly with existing hardware and offer an intuitive mobile app for ease-of-use. Property managers should keep the following essential factors in mind when selecting the right gate entry system for their property:

Retrofit Devices

Instead of completely overhauling your property's existing access control system, consider upgrading to a gate entry system that uses a retrofit device. With OpenVia, you can easily integrate the new system with any existing access control systems.

These simple retrofit devices can be installed in less than ten minutes, connecting it to your property's WiFi. Once signage is installed at the entryway, tenants can be easily added by the property manager, giving residents the ability to start using OpenVia immediately. This option offers a quick and cost-effective solution for property managers looking to improve their access control systems without the hassle of extensive installation or hardware costs.

Safety and Ease-Of-Use

As a property manager, safety is always a top priority. Instead of using older, outdated models, wireless gate entry systems provide the security you and your tenants need. By eliminating the need for sharing gate codes or having a security guard, tenants can use a convenient and secure mobile app to manage entry for themselves and visitors.

One of the major benefits of wireless gate systems is remote access management. With just a few taps on their smartphone, residents can grant entry to visitors via video call, from anywhere. 


Most property managers are operating on tight budgets and trying to maximize net operating income (NOI). In the past, gate entry systems required an investment in the tens of thousands. While those hardware-heavy systems are still on the market, wireless solutions are a fraction of the cost and offer better features.

With a gate entry system like OpenVia, you don’t have to worry about your budget. OpenVia only charges a low monthly cost per unit and has no hidden fees. By opting for a simple and powerful tool like this, you can improve the quality of life for both you and your tenants, while maximizing your NOI.

Consulting with a Gate Entry System Professional

Looking for a new gate entry system? You don’t have to go it alone! Consider consulting with gate entry system professionals, like our team at OpenVia. We can navigate you by assessing your needs, considering your budget, and showing you an easier, less expensive way to manage access control that your team, your tenants, and your guests will love! 

Schedule a demo with us, or learn more about our products today! 

Laura Flowers

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